My name is Tammy and I am Co-owner here at AFPS. I have been grooming for 21 years. I graduated in 1999 from the Philadelphia School of dog grooming. I then came to AFPS to start my career.

I have always had a love for animals and I enjoy coming to work each and every day! I am married now for 20 years and have 2 children and 2 cats.  



My name is Linda and I am a co-owner here at AFPS. I have been grooming for 24 years. I graduated in 1996 from Cherry Hill School of dog grooming. I then came to AFPS to start my career.

My love for animals stems from my childhood. We have always had many dogs growing up. I even worked at a pet store in my teen years and I have always had a passion for the animal world. I am married and have 3 human kids and 5 furry kids (dogs).


Hi, my name is Jess. I graduated from the grooming academy in 2009. I go to the groom expo every year to further my knowledge. I started working at a family pet salon in march of 2019. I love what I do. I’ve loved dogs all my life and I love making them feel and look good. I treat these dogs like they are my own. I know that each and every dog is a family member. I have a senior dog of my own that I rescued when he was 11. He is now my 18-year-old child and best friend. He was my inspiration to start taking classes on canine rehabilitation. I developed an interest in trying to help him with his arthritis. In my personal life, I enjoy going to festivals and places I can bring my dog. He has been to many dog-friendly restaurants. I have a carrier and stroller to walk him through crowds. In the fall I also enjoy dressing him up and entering him into costume contests.


I’m Kate, and I’ve been grooming professionally as a dog groomer for 3 years after graduating from The Dog Grooming School of PA. Since grooming I have built up a large clientele of doodles of all types, shapes, sizes, and coat types, and have found a love for creative grooming and would love to potentially expand and do some creative grooming for client dogs (for right candidates) as I mostly just do creative grooms on my own personal dogs (if you see a colorful dog running around the salon, odds are it is mine). I am a dog groomer, as well as the bird groomer in the shop, and I even groom a guinea pig who comes in for the occasional spa day. I own 2 Great Danes, 1 standard poodle, a hairless Chinese crested, and a mystery munchkin (Shih/poo?) that I took in after she came to the salon in need of serious grooming and a home. I also have 12 birds and 1 horse. Prior to working as a dog groomer, I worked at an exotic bird store for 3+ years, which is how I’ve come to offer bird grooming, and I worked on a horse farm for about a year or so (while attending grooming school) and have worked around/shown horses for several years. My hobbies outside of work are k9 agility, k9 water sports, dog parkour, flyball, and any other dog training sports my dogs enjoy. Oh, and I do pet portraits on the side, so I guess you could say animals are kind of just my thing. I look forward to meeting your fur and/or feathered baby!